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Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 Breast Cancer Bead Quilt Project

Whew! I just made the deadline for submitting my breast cancer bead quilt squares last week. I completed six peyote squares with the 2009 heart theme.

I had planned to use several different stitches to make the squares this year, but had so many problems with "wonky" beads that I fell back to my "comfortable" peyote stitch.

These and other donated squares will be stitched together by Jeannette Shanigan into multiple quilts. The quilts are then donated to the Bead Artists against Breast Cancer auction held during the annual June Bead & Button show in Milwaukie. In 2008, 960 squares with a rose theme were donated and stitched into 20 quilts.

Beaded squares and completed quilts can be viewed at Jeannette's website,

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